Alter Ego

Alter Ego

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Ada Igwe (Omotola Jalade Ekeinde) is a fearless human and child’s right activist whose main focus is seeing sex offenders and child molesters put behind bars. Regardless of who they may be in society, rich or poor, influential or peasant, the prolific lawyer Ada was always ready for a court battle to get justice for the molested and sometimes, when justice could not be achieved within the four walls of the court room, she would device other ways to deal with the offender. She is just hell bent to see all sex offender in the city punished!

Her streams of flawless victories in (and out) of the court room leaves her as one of the most revered lawyers in the city whom no other lawyer wants to enter a legal battle with.

However though, there is one person with whom she has been unable to win a battle against… Her other self. The other person that lives in her “Roxy” whom she constantly tries to subdue but fails repeatedly. Roxy is a lady of high sexual appetite. Engaging in illicit sexual relations with any and every man she meets is the order of the day for her.

Loving a man or having any kind of relationship is off the books for her, until she meets Timothy(Wale Ojo), a billionaire philanthropist and child right activist like herself and a love flame is ignited. In time she begins to see less and less of Roxy until a deep dark secret is revealed, a secret that threaten the blooming love affair and even more, threatens to take away someone’s freedom for good…

Also starring, Kunle Rhemmy, Victor Olaitan, Jide Kosoko, Madam Kofo, Tina Mba, Charles Billion, Bobby Obodo, Michael Okon, Sexy Steel, Francis Onwochei, Esther Eyibio, Emem Inwang.

Alter Ego is a movie like no other.

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